Greetings from Evoke Hotels.

We wish to inform you, that it is our pleasure to host you. We hope your family, your friends and you are well and in good health, as we all are facing the outbreak of COVID 19.

Our commitment and responsibility towards you and our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic are stronger than ever. We at Evoke Hotels are committed to “Serve you with Care”and look after you, with a high level of hygiene.

  • Our public areas are constantly sanitized with appropriate chemicals.Since this disease is mostly transmitted through surfaces, any surface that you come in contact with Menu Cards, Telephone, Card Swipe Machine, Grab Bars, doorknobs have been sanitized.
  • Our team is constantly disinfecting every touchpointsuch as door handles, elevator buttons, countertops, tabletops, railing, etc.
  • Our Team is wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Masks & Gloves.Our Team on duty is in“Pink of their health”
  • We have Placed Sanitizers at several places to make your hands “Germ free”.Please feel free to use them often especially before a hearty meal. We also suggest, you to have meals inhouse.
For any further assistance call central reservation +91 99533 69914

Stay Hale & Hearty! Happy & Healthy

Evoke Hotels